Jonathan Cheung

Design Jedi

GAP Inc., Pangaia, Unspun and more · US

Jonathan is the former Head of Global Design for Levi’s during the comeback years for the iconic American brand. Before joining Levi’s, Jonathan worked with two fashion legends, Franco Moschino and Giorgio Armani in Milan and created the first jeans line for Iceberg in between.


Combining interests in Design, Human Behaviour, Innovation & Sustainability, Jonathan is now consultant and advisor companies such as Gap Inc., Pangaia, Bolt Threads, Unspun, SharpEnd, Merrell & Ageist - spanning everything from brand building, 3D weaving, Internet-of-Things, the longevity revolution to mushroom leather.


Jonathan has led creative teams in 6 countries and in 3 languages (English, Cantonese and Italian). He currently resides with his family in Mill Valley, California surrounded by hummingbirds, lemon trees and a little dog called Daisy.