Prof. Winka Dubbeldam

Founding Partner | Miller Professor & Chair, Weitzman Architecture

Archi-Tectonics NYC LLC | University of Pennsylvania · US

Winka Dubbeldam, serves as Chair and Miller Professor of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania and as the External Examiner at the Bartlett UCL in London (2019-present). Currently Professor Dubbeldam is one of the creative directors for CityX in the Virtual Italian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale [2021]. As the Founding Partner of the WBE certified New York firm Archi-Tectonics,  Dubbeldam is widely known for her award-winning work, and won the Asian Games 2022 Eco-Park with 2 stadiums, now nearing completion in Hangzhou, China. Publications include the latest book “Strange Objects, New Solids, and Massive Things”,  launched this Fall by ACTAR Spain.